J. RICHARDS, a classic American success story, began in 2000. Standing apart in the market place as one of the only companies manufacturing women's outerwear in the USA, J. RICHARDS' goal was to create a more diversified, cutting edge fashion house to embody timeless styles that fit today's woman.

In 2001, with rising success, the J. RICHARDS' rainwear division was established. Paying meticulous attention to detail, the raincoat was re-created by introducing bold and colorful fabrics, while staying true to classic styles. 

Today, J. RICHARDS continues to inspire by designing outerwear with outstanding quality. Using only the finest fabrics and materials, J. RICHARDS’ products are designed and sewn with impeccable craftsmanship in the heart of the garment district in Manhattan, New York City.

With every new collection J. RICHARDS looks to create classic designs with a contemporary edge.